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Adam is Senior Front End Developer at London based digital agency Architect, where he focuses on building complex front end solutions for a variety of clients. He has a keen interest in new front end technologies and tools, with the aim of improving the front end workflow and bringing consistency to teams of developers.

Adam is also co-creator of 12 Devs and 12 Devs of Xmas, plays an active role in working with education through initiatives like Code Club and author of the book Pro WordPress Theme Development.

Ben is part of the developer relations team at Pusher. He loves making things for the web and trying to find new ways for us to interact with it.  He help start JSOxford, and is a founding member of the JavaScript Adventure Club. He loves demos.

Chris Mills is a senior tech writer at Mozilla, where he writes docs and demos about open web apps, FirefoxOS, and related subjects. He loves tinkering around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web technologies, and gives occasional tech talks at conferences and universities.

He used to work for Opera, was a W3C fellow for a year, and enjoys playing heavy metal drums and drinking good beer. He lives near Manchester, UK, with his good lady and three beautiful children.

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Kathleen is an alumnus of the MA Web Design and Content Planning programme at the University of Greenwich. She studied part-time while working as regional manager with responsibility for web at Shakespeare Schools Festival, a UK charity. Kathleen graduated in October 2013 and now works as digital producer at Kingdom, a design and marketing agency based in London.

I am a “T-shaped Designer”, currently finishing my MultimediaArts study in Austria at the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg.
“T-shaped” means that I have a broad understanding in various design-disciplines like film, motion graphics, illustration and photography, but at the same time have a deep knowledge in a specific design-field: Graphic Design. This skill gives me the ability to understand designers of other disciplines and eases the communication between them.

Mike is a designer / developer / artist working in data visualisation, information design, web applications and generative design, using a range of technology including Processing, Arduino, HTML, JS, CSS, D3JS & WebGL. He runs a small studio in the South East of England with Polly Vinyard working on projects with clients & agencies including: Kings College London, Chelsea Football Club, Oxfam, Disney, Abbott Laboratories, Lilly, The Away Foundation & 51Degrees. Their work ranges from analytical information design & data visualisations through to data illustration and generative design.

Mike is never happier than when finding a new data source to seed a new design, animation or abstract illustration.

Nicklas de León Persson

Nicklas Persson

Nicklas grew up in the north of Sweden. For the last decade he’s been teaching web design at the Art College in Belfast. As part of the @standardistas he’s published some books and spoken at conferences worldwide. Last year he moved to London to start up the @rumblelabs field office.

Peter is a veteran web developer who now works as a technologist and front-end lead at rehabstudio on projects for clients including Google and Red Bull, and in partnership with some of the world’s biggest creative agencies. He’s the author of The Book of CSS3 and The Modern Web, and has written for Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine and A List Apart. In his spare time he ‘relaxes’ by reading voraciously, supporting Arsenal, and going on day trips to castles.

Robin Hawkes

Robin Hawkes

Robin thrives on solving problems through code. He’s a Digital Tinkerer, Head of Dev Relations at Pusher, former Evangelist at Mozilla, book author, and a Brit.