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Did we mention that tickets for TWD 2017 are now available? Snap one up while you can!

@barbasboth A pretty broad range of topics - no particular theme (other than web). Ask them to get in touch. We'll miss you :(

Talk Web Design 2017 is waiting to hear from you!…

Are you a web dev/designer with something to say? We'd love to hear from you. Make yourself heard at TWD2017…

Ever fancied giving a conference talk? Now's your chance! We're looking for "fresh voices" at TWD this year:

@j_mes @springfishblue We're holding it on a Saturday this year so more people can come! 17th June. Full details shortly.

We just had our first planning meeting for TWD 2017. It's going to be different - in a good way! Stay tuned - details arriving shortly.

@ninjanails of course, we'd make a special exception for you! Or you could just give a talk 😉 @prisca_eyedea

Well, Talk Web Design 2016 is over but we already have 3 speakers and one sponsor lined up for 2017!